Short Sales not so scary

Buying a house that is labeled as a ‘Short Sale’ can be daunting….. intimidating…. and downright frustrating. That’s why you need an expert to hold your hand through this tedious and sometiems emotional process.

Is it worth it?

Of course! You can emerge with the house of your dreams at an amazing price.

Are all short sales bargains?

This is where you need to do your homework…. some are, some are not.

How can I protect myself when bidding on a short sale?

By getting help from a short sale expert, building a supportive and knowledgeable network, and researching the local market. Expect delays. Expect last minute requests. Expect the unexpected.

Houselogic does a wonderful job of explaining short sales with their article “6 Tips for Buying a Home in a Short Sale“.


About Debbie Robinson, REALTOR®

Selling Real Estate in Northeast Georgia from Braselton to Lake Hartwell since 1997. Graduated from the University of Georgia in 1980.
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