Utilizing the Chinese Zodiac

One of the best Real Estate bloggers, Jay Thompson, wrote a post about using the Chinese Zodiac to marketing and selling real estate. It’s a tongue-in-check satire poking good fun at the ‘marketing gurus’ who give general advice about general bits of the population. His point is right on. We can’t put buyers and sellers in neat little niches and expect them to all act the same way.

Everyone likes to be appreciated, regardless of their age, their lifestyle or their zodiac sign. I approach every client with the same work ethic, the same energy and the same respect.

For a smile, read Jay’s blog….. and let me know how you like it.


About Debbie Robinson, REALTOR®

Selling Real Estate in Northeast Georgia from Braselton to Lake Hartwell since 1997. Graduated from the University of Georgia in 1980.
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One Response to Utilizing the Chinese Zodiac

  1. I liked it… 😉

    Thanks Denise for your kind words!

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