Home Staging for the Senses

Appeal to your buyer’s senses to make them feel at home.

  1. Sight: Use amber-colored lights that give a rich warm golden glow to your rooms. Switch out your regular white light bulbs in a few table lamps with amber bulbs to make your home feel toasty warm and inviting.

  2. Sound: Play gentle well-known music without words. This makes buets feel like singing along and picks up their step. Music helps buyers feel joyful in your home.

  3. Smell: Use natural essential oils in a diffuser or simmer cider with orange slices, cinnamon, and cloves. Many people suffer allergic reactions to artificial sprays.

  4. Touch: Add silky and velvet fabrics to tabletops that tempt the buyer to feel the softness. The brain interprets the sense of touch just by seeing softness. Also use thing, fluffy hand towels in the bathroom and kitchen to soften the cold, hard surfaces of rooms typically filled with tile, granite and porcelain.

  5. Taste: Yes! The sense of smell contributes to the sense of taste. Make sure you’re cooking something heavenly. Treat your prospective buyers like a guest. Invite them to share a warm drink and a sweet snack.


About Debbie Robinson, REALTOR®

Selling Real Estate in Northeast Georgia from Braselton to Lake Hartwell since 1997. Graduated from the University of Georgia in 1980.
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